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College Name
Affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna University
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi
Phone: 0863-2250096, Fax: 0863-2256211
Vidya Nagar,
1st Lane
Guntur - 522 007
Andhra Pradesh
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About the Guntur Society
The Guntur Diocesan society strives to work for the well being of all by getting involved in educational and philanthropic activities. The society runs about 150 educational institutions in the district of Guntur such as Primary Schools, High Schools, Degree, Post-Graduate, Pharmacy and Teacher training colleges . Thus, the ministry of education is very dear to the Diocese of Guntur Society.
Governing Body of the Society
President :
Most Rev. Dr. Gali Bali, D.D., Ph.D.
Secretary & Treasurer :
Fr. M. Fathima Marreddy,
Rev. Fr. P. Innaiah
Rev. Fr. Bala Showraiah
Rev. Fr. Y. Showry Raju
Rev. Fr. K. Inna Reddy
Rev. Fr. G. Rayapa Reddy
Rev. Fr. P. Maria Das
Rev. Fr. C. Charles Joseph
Christian Education
It is rooted in the Gospel values of brotherhood, love ,justice and concern for others. It assists in the total formation of each individual within the human community. It includes a religious dimension that permeates the entire education. It is an effective instrument that promotes dialogue between faith and culture.It pays attention to the care of individuals. It emphasizes active involvement on the part of the student and encourages life-long openness to growth.It projects Christ as the model for human life. It provides adequate personal care and concern for others. It celebrates faith in personal and community prayer, worship and service. It is value-oriented. It encourages a realistic knowledge, love and acceptance of self. It prepares students for active life commitment and service to the society at large.
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